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If you studied French at school, you may recall the mild culture shock that comes with learning the second-person pronouns. Tu and vous both translate as “you,” but can’t be used interchangeably. Provided you’re speaking to one person, you have the rather dicey task of assessing how formal you should…

Express Yourself

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There are a handful of dates in history that mark watershed moments for the English language. The year 1066: the beginning of the Norman Conquest of Britain, which would introduce a wealth of French borrowings into what was then a purely Germanic tongue. The year 1590: Shakespeare’s first foray into…

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Imagine—or cast your mind back to—sitting an exam designed to test your knowledge of irregular past-tense verbs in English. The exercises might look something like this:

  1. Emily was so musical as a child. She ____ [teach] herself to play the piano.
  2. There was a crash of thunder, and then a…

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According to the Social Security Administration, “Karen” saw one of the most dramatic decreases in popularity among baby girls’ names in the US between 2019 and 2020. No prizes for guessing why. reports that the slang usage of the name, referring to an “obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist”…

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I recently chanced upon this entry in The Oxford English Dictionary:

alphabetism, n. Prejudice or discrimination resulting from a person’s position on a (notional) alphabetical list; [specifically] discrimination against people whose names begin with letters from the latter part of the alphabet.

One of the sample quotations, taken from a…

A hand holding a pen and a line of Georgian text with one word missing.
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There’s a pretty big summer event coming up, during which representatives from all over the world will congregate in one city and go head-to-head in various competitive activities to win gold, silver, or bronze medals. It was supposed to happen last year but got postponed due to the pandemic. …

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Halfway through a number entitled “Beautiful Girl” from Singin’ In The Rain, the song-and-dance breaks down into a fashion-show-slash-infomercial during which the announcer rattles off a few rhyming epigrams describing the chorus girls’ attire. One of the models appears wearing a sporty minidress and holding a racket behind her head…

Clare C.H.

M.A. in English Linguistics and Literature.

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